You Need To Get Help

How can I get help with the day-to-day demands?

Again, every family is different. If you have family members who live nearby and are willing to help, let them help. Do not try and do everything yourself. You can ask family members to buy groceries, or cook some of the meals. You can ask one of the family to stay at home while you get out to do something for yourself. You have to think of yourself too. If you become overwhelmed and exhausted, you will not be able to help anyone

Your church or temple may have a mesothelioma support group who help people in the community who are sick. Take advantage of this help. If your spouse was in a union there may be people who volunteer to help out. Any other organization he or she belonged to may very well have volunteers ready to assist people in need.

Your friends will want to help, too, although they may not know what to do. Tell them what you need. You can ask people to do small but important things. Shopping, cooking, doing the laundry, picking up medicine from the pharmacy, walking the dog – just make a list, actual or in your head, of everything you have to do. Ask other people, be they friends or family that want help, to assist you with the things that don’t absolutely demand your attention. If your spouse is having radiation therapy and not feeling too bad, maybe he or she wouldn’t mind having another family member drive to the hospital for treatment.  You have to use your best judgment.

The American Cancer Society also has information about where caregivers can get help. Carepages also offers suggestions.

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