What Can Friends Do?

How can friends find out what to do?

You can use Carepages to send out general information and post updates. Friends can leave messages on Carepages. They can also write letters, or send cards. Depending on your level of comfort with online messages, they can certainly send email. You can also make an email list and send out information to lots of people at one time. If you don’t know how to do this, ask one of your family members or friends to help you.

If there is a good time for a short visit, you can let people know, but of course tell them to call first. If things are not going well, and your spouse does not want visitors, you can send that information out.

You may want to ask a close friend or other family member to be the point person for contacting other people. Make sure you ask for what you need, and make sure you are clear about what you don’t need, like lots of visitors at the same time.

Above all ask the patient and their family if there is anything you can do. Even if they say there is nothing, they will still appreciate your offer very much. Just showing your willingness to go out of your way for them will provide real comfort.

There is a set of free Mesothelioma DVDs you can order that will educate you about what it means to have mesothelioma cancer. If you learn all you can, then you will understand what the patient is going through. Being informed means the patient won’t have to explain and you may be able to help with making decisions. At the very least it will show your real concern and provide much-needed support.

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