What kind of help can I get for psychological issues?

What kind of help can I get in dealing with the stress, depression, and other psychological issues having to do with my diagnosis?

You should have someone to talk to, someone you feel comfortable talking to about any and all of your concerns. Sometimes that is a family member. Sometimes it is a minister, priest, or rabbi.

If you want a professional therapist, there are different choices you can make. The team taking care of you should have a therapist involved with your care that you can see regularly. A psychologist is someone with a PhD in psychology who would be able to help you address emotional issues. You might want to see a psychiatrist. They tend to be the doctors who treat people with medication. If you are depressed, you might want to see a psychiatrist for evaluation and medication. Or your oncologist may feel comfortable prescribing anti-depressant medicine.

You should not feel bad if you need to talk to someone outside your family. Sometimes it is good to be able to unburden yourself to someone who is not emotionally involved.

You should be able to get recommendations from your oncologist if you want to see someone besides the professionals you are already seeing for your mesothelioma care. Your doctor may also know of support groups in your area. Some people really get a lot out of spending time with other people who have the same disease.

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