Keeping The Family Together

How can I keep in touch with everyone and try to keep the family together when things are difficult?

If you have visited Carepages, you will see that you can make your own page and set up a list of people to get regular updates. You can use it as often or as little as you want. Family and friends can write you messages. You can even use this site to ask for help, or thank people for what they have done.

As far as the immediate family and closest friends, you need to let them know how their family member with mesothelioma is doing. If he or she is feeling very sick from the disease and/or the cancer treatment, there may not be very much he or she can participate in. On the other hand, if someone with mesothelioma is having a good stretch of time with a response to treatment, he or she may want to do a little more. Let family know that visits may be short, and that plans may have to be changed.

Events will happen to your family while the mesothelioma is being treated. Your spouse may or may not make it to a wedding or a birthday party. But your family should continue to go on with important things in their own lives. They can bring pictures or videos for you to look at later.

If your spouse’s health is deteriorating rapidly, you should be able to reach the closest family members, as well as dearest friends, so that they will be prepared.

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